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Some Easter Pilates Exercises

Happy Springtime all!

I hope that you are enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having and you are managing to enjoy one outdoor exercise a day. Walking is great at the moment as we all have been sitting more than normal….. so I hope there is a spring in your step and your back is feeling good… If not the exercises below will help with opening up the hip flexors and mobilise your spine, they are also great exercises to do once a day to keep mobile .

Pelvic tilt

Put heels of your hands onto your hip bones and and finger tips onto your pubic bones, tilt your pubic bone upwards towards your face allowing your lower spine to move into the floor then tilt the pelvis the other way- pubic bone towards your feet, the back will move away form the floor.

Repeat 8 times and then settle the pelvis in the mid point where you feel that your hip bones and pubic bones are level.

This is your neutral position.

Spine curls

Starting in relaxation position:

Inhale to prepare as you exhale tuck your tail bone (roll your pelvis) under as in pelvic tilt and try and lift your hips slowly up lifting the spine off the mat- bone by bone.

Lift the pelvis to only where you are comfortable.

Inhale to hold the position

Exhale as you peel the spine back down onto the mat.

Repeat 8 times


Start in four point kneeling:

On your hands and knees, hands underneath shoulders and knees underneath hips, have a lengthened straight spine, with the back of the skull parallel to the ceiling and the crown of the head lengthened away.

Inhale - as you exhale tuck the tailbone under (always initiate with the pelvis) and peel through the spine bone by bone finishing with a gentle nod of the head. Inhale to hold and then exhale and peel the spine back in to the straight neutral start position- lengthening the tail bone away from your ribs and the crown of your head away from the ribs.

Repeat 5 times

Online classes

The online classes have been going really well and will continue until further notice. You are welcome to join. Please contact me by email if you would like more information on how to join.

Tuesdays 6pm class .. 40 mins £8

Wednesdays 10am ……… 30 min class £6

Thursdays 12pm, midday 1hr class £10 Take care and have a great Easter weekend.

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