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Lisa called me 18 months ago as she was finding it hard to stand up straight due to back pain ..

Following some private Pilates home visits, attending my Twickenham classes and over the last year attending my on-line classes Lisa has learnt to prevent her back pain through Pilates and sent me some lovely messages ... I am so chuffed that I have been able to help Lisa continue doing such a brilliant job , pain free! Thank you Lisa and thank you NHS.

Thanks for your continued support Tracey, I owe my standing up straight and being able to do my job to you! I truly believe that!

Lisa x


Thanks for continuing to do these online classes Tracey they literally keep me going!!

Lisa x


This is 100% true Tracey, your classes keep me able! If I hadn't have met you who knows what I would be doing now! I feel very privileged every day to continue doing the job I love and supporting women through their pregnancy and birth experiences. There was a time I thought this would never happen again and along you came and got me up and mobile again! For that I am eternally grateful #pilatesrocks Lisa x

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