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Some lockdown Pilates exercises

I hope you are all enjoying the Spring and aren't finding lockdown too bad! If you're looking for some more exercises to do during lockdown (and if it's raining outside!) take at the following exercises. They can be done anywhere without any equipment (unless you use weights!) and work both your core and legs at the same time.

Side lying leg

Start Position

Lying on your side, bring your knees in bent at an almost 90 degree angle: make sure your upper hip is above your lower hip have the soles of your feet inline with your spine keeping shoulder over shoulder, hip over hip. The soles of your feet are aligned with the back of the mat.

Straighten your left leg and bring it to hip height. Keep your waist lifted (imagine your spine being parallel to the floor).

Lift and Lower

From the start position flex your foot, inhale to prepare and then exhale as you lengthen through the heel and raise the left leg up and back down to hip height, inhale and repeat.

Your objective is to keep your waist still whilst performing the exercise.  

Ensure that your body does not lean back and that the top hip stays over bottom hip.

Repeat 10 times


From the start position softly point your toes inhale to prepare, exhale and start circling the leg around, keep the leg hip height and be aware of opening up the front of the hip so the leg does not move forward too much and that you are keeping it parallel.  Use a relaxed breath through this exercise.

Repeat 6 times change direction of the circle and repeat 6 times in the other direction

Be aware of trying to keep your waist as still as possible here and keep hip above hip. If you feel your body wanting to move forward or back reduce the range of movement of your leg.

You can use weights as photographed, but no weights works as well.


Online class update from the Pilates Zoom Room

The online classes and 1-1s have been going really well and will continue until further notice.

Classes are taking place in the Pilates Zoom room:

Tuesday at 6pm

Thursday 12 midday

You are welcome to join me, just send me an email if you would like more information.

Stay safe and well.

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