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Here's what some of my clients have to say about my classes.

"Excellent online class with Tracey. She gives personal coaching to everyone online just the same as she would in person.

Very friendly and motivational class and I would highly recommend Tracey who will support all abilities."


"Tracey is an excellent teacher who demonstrates all exercises clearly, pays attention to each individual member and, where necessary, tailors exercises to suit the person. A lovely personality too!"


"David and myself really enjoy coming to your lessons. We particularly enjoy the fact that, although we do similar exercises each week, they are always presented in a different way.

We never know what to expect. This keeps it interesting.

I am personally very confident in the class, as you know I have osteoporosis and need to take particular care with some exercises. But you have taken the time to acquaint yourself with this disease and advise me accordingly. I was strongly advised by my specialist to do Pilates and can see why. My posture and balance have really improved since starting our class."


"These Pilates classes are excellent. Tracey works hard to ensure that each lesson is different and tailored to the needs and abilities of her students. She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable; a truly inspiring teacher who makes even the most difficult exercises enjoyable."


"I cannot recommend the Reformer sessions with Tracey highly enough. Tracey's knowledge and personalised approach to the one to one sessions, made the sessions both really enjoyable and left me feeling like I had had a deep workout. 

Not only is using the reformer good fun, but for me the benefits of a Reformer helped me understand the mat work exercises more helping me to achieve good results.


The sessions were tailored to my needs and level, and Tracey's ability to explain the exercises and take you through the various progressions, enables you to build your confidence and understanding of the exercises and why you are doing them. Overall, I would really recommend trying the Reformer, it is a really enjoyable form of exercise, that offers great benefits - coupled with Tracey's knowledge and ability to make you feel at ease."

Dr Jo Fiore

Programme Leader - PE and Sport University of Greenwich

“Have been doing pilates with Tracy for couple of years and it has changed my body dramatically. My core muscles improved, back pain disappeared, my body is much more toned ,energy levels returned. She also happens to be lovely person, very patient and thorough, paying attention to everybody's needs in class. She keeps changing exercise so it is never boring. I have done pilates on/off for years but can honestly say that her classes are best which is the reason I keep coming back."


“Tracey was our Pilates teacher for a week in Italy.

She is  very knowledgeable about anatomy and was attentive to the individual needs of our group.

Her classes were well organised, interesting, varied and well-paced. 
The “one- to -one “sessions were very helpful, enabling special recommendations for particular anatomical problems and challenges faced by all of us.
Tracey has a very warm, open and friendly character and she is a very good communicator. She articulates well, which for myself, was a big plus, as I am hearing-impaired. 

She also maintained a professionalism throughout the week and she was an excellent hostess.

Not only is she a great teacher, but she also became a friend.”
Lynda Penny

I've lived with back pain for the best part of ten years. Even after surgery and countless trips to the physio it was always a constant battle to keep on top of it. Since joining Tracey's Pilates class, for the first time in forever, I'm in control of my back health. I've quit the physio and am virtually pain free, all because Tracey's helped me to develop ways to take better care of myself. I'm a complete convert! It's the best 60 minutes of the week.

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

"I really enjoy Tracey's class, especially this term's focus on the core 'classical' mat basics,
with variations and a range of equipment to keep it interesting and challenging. You can set your own pace for the class, concentrating on small core movements or stretching yourself further as you feel able. Exercises are all clearly explained and demonstrated. Tracey quietly observes and gently corrects and advises to ensure we are all getting the most out each move. By the end of the class I feel relaxed but also tired from a work out - perfect!"

(attended during her pregnancy)

"Tracey's classes, like Tracey herself, are welcoming and friendly. The groups are kept small to ensure great attention to detail is given to correct posture & positioning. An individual's limitations or health requirements are also always taken into consideration providing a tailored experience if required. I personally suffer from ME and have found Tracey's classes extremely beneficial to my recovery.

The classes are aways varied and take a staged approach to ensure they are never dull and that fun can be had alongside the amazing physical benefits gained from attending."


"Tracey is an excellent teacher. She is so good at making each weeks exercises different, interesting, a bit challenging and very enjoyable. I definitely wouldn't want to miss a class."


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