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Thank you for looking at my On-line Pilates page .. I hope that you are managing to stay well during these tricky times.. the restrictions over the last year made me look at introducing On-line Pilates sessions for my clients.  I was dubious about how much I could help my clients On-line with their injuries and movement restrictions but am so pleased to say that the continuation of Pilates On-line has had great results and kept people going through what has been, for many, a tough year.  On-line classes will continue on my schedule permanently for both new and existing clients.

If you are a beginner to Pilates and new aches and pains have crept in during lockdown and you need something to keep you mobile and pain free or just want to carry on your practice my On-line classes will suit you.


Beginners to Pilates are welcome to join a class, you are welcome to call me and we can have a chat about any injuries and restrictions that you may have, I would recommend having a 1-1 online session with me (after our chat) to help you understand the principles of Pilates and what works for you.  I ask that a Health enrolment form is completed, I can send the form through to you by email or you can complete it from the contact page on the website.


On- Line Class Schedule:

...Tuesday evenings 6pm - 40 minute live online class

...Tuesday evenings 6.50pm- 40 minute live on line class

    £8 per class- paid on a monthly basis- please see below

...Thursday 12pm /Midday - 1hr live on line class

    £10 per class -paid on a monthly basis -please see below 

...Friday mornings 9:15am - 1hr live online class  

    £10 per class-paid on a monthly basis- please see below



..........Online classes are kept to a maximum of 12 people.....

        I can see you on screen and can cue alignment if needed, whilst  teaching you online.

..........The online classes are run through Zoom video conferencing

          and it's easy ...to use.. ..you can use your mobile phone, iPad/tablet or laptop , Computer

..........You will need an area in your home that you can lie down full length


Private On-Line sessions: 

30 minute session   £25.00

1 hourly session      £50.00


I work on a monthly basis and payments for a month vary between 4-5 weeks payment . Payment is payable before the start of the month and can be made by BACS payment. (Details of BACS will be sent separately with your class dates)
Newcomers are welcome to join mid-month.  If you would like to try a class before committing to paying for a whole month you are welcome to do so.



If you are interested in trying out one of my On-line classes or 1-1 sessions please contact me.  I suggest you consult your GP/ Practitioner before taking up Pilates for the first time, especially if you have any specific health conditions or injuries, I appreciate this is difficult at the moment due to the tricky times,  you are welcome to discuss with me before contacting your GP/Practitioner  if you have any questions .

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