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Pilates retreats - something to look forward to!

Looking forward to planning my Pilates getaways for 2021…. we had to postpone this year for obvious reasons , but so excited to be planning again for France and Spain.

Spanish Pilates Retreat

In Spain you can enjoy a trip to Seville or an afternoon watching the Andalucian horses or just settle for a rest by the pool and a game of golf when you feel like it.  Whether you want to eat meat , drink alcohol , have a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or  gluten free diet we can accommodate all of these choices.

French Pilates Retreat

The French retreat will include rests by the pool and visiting  the Grand Cru Route, with of course a few sips of wine. The same food options will be available and of course not forgetting at least a daily Pilates class with a one - one private session during the week for both the French and Spanish retreat.  

If you are interested in further details, please send a request by email

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