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Whether you have back pain, are looking to increase your flexibility and mobility or simply want to de-stress, Pilates can help.

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to make you stronger, more toned and better aligned. The combination of precise movements and specific breathing patterns are also a great way of helping you relax and contributes to an overall improved sense of well-being.

Pilates is suitable for everyone regardless of age or level of fitness, including:

  • those looking for a way to manage low back pain

  • seniors who want to stay mobile and increase their stability/balance

  • sports people recovering from injury

  • anyone who just wants to get stronger or fitter,

  • achieve the feel good factor, wellness and wellbeing

My clients have experienced improvements to their posture and balance, overall wellbeing,strength,mobility and have reduced low back pain.

Find out more about the benefits of Pilates.



If you would prefer to have 1-1 sessions to focus on particular areas of concern, I will customise an exercise programme to suit your exact requirements.

I run private 1-1 Mat work and Reformer sessions online.

I carry out home visits around Richmond & the surrounding areas for Mat work and Reformer  sessions 

Find out more about my private 1-1 Pilates sessions.


Work Colleagues can individually join an organised online Pilates class via Zoom.

As a Low Back Pain specialist I can design a Pilates class to help combat the negative effects that are caused to the body whilst working in an office/desk environment.

Friends can organise a group online Pilates class in the comfort of their own homes & catch up with each other at the same time.


Classes are kept small... which helps me to offer individual cueing during the class. I ask that a health enrolment is completed before attending a session, so if you have any medical conditions, I will tailor exercises to suit your own capabilities. Beginners are welcome to start with online classes, I do recommend a private session before starting a class if you are new to Pilates.

My clients include those who suffer from low back pain, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, scoliosis,osteoporosis and sports people looking after their backs. I also help those rehabilitating after back, hip replacement and breast cancer surgery. Find out more about my classes.



After just a few classes, most people start to feel fitter and stronger. As Joseph Pilates once said:

"Pilates develops the body uniformly corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit".

If you would like to discuss how Pilates can benefit you before deciding whether you would like to join a class or have a one to one session, you are welcome to contact me at anytime.

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